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Amp grounding question

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Any grounding probs with mounting an amp directly to the car's body (through the carpeting)?

I've heard people do it without any issues but then I've also heard it's good to attach it to some non-conductive material i.e. wood, then attach the wood to the body in order to isolate it electrically and have the ground cable be the only connection to the body (ground). Or is this just a try-it-and-see proposition? Thanks
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I've directly bolted my amps to my back seat before. There was nasty alternator noise from it. I'm not sure if it was caused by the ground or the amp....

Now I mount all my amps to wood first. Just to make sure I've elimiate all source of noise (incase I have to troubleshoot where I'm getting noise/static).

It takes a few minutes and you'll have the piece of mind, just bolt the amp to two thin wood slabs or to a whole board (a bit heavier).

I haven't mounted amps like that in years, but I never had a problem but you never know. It's probably better to mount them to a piece of wood or MDF board, not to mention that it will look better too. Funny you should mention the alternator whine today. I've had some bad alt whine since I got my system installed, I was using a PAC SNI-1 ground loop isolator as a band aid for it but I noticed the filter would dramatically reduce the bass (after removing the filter it was almost like I had a new sub and amp). Anyway it turned out the alt whine was from a mounting screw for my Audiocontrol Four.1, I had to have it mounted under my dash (stupid 1 din Fords!) and one of the mounting screws must've been touching a ground or something because when I'd unmount the EQ the whine would disappear completely. I just put remounted it so it so the screw wouldn't be conductive. So the moral of the story is, it's better to go safe than sorry... it'll save you a lot of head aches in the long run.

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Yeah, better safe than sorry. just take the few extra minutes to mount it to wood. I even painted my wood to match the carpet. It looks professional, and people who have checked out my system always commented (positively) about them.

Ryan, Glad you fixed that noise problem! I hate alternator whine. It ruins the whole SQ setup. Like when I have a friend in the car, and I tell her my system is better than stock. She notices that it's clearer and punchier. But the moment that the alternator whine kicks in, they'll be like, I rather have the "stock and not have alternator whine". There goes $1000 well spent :)

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