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Ordering Amp This Week, Need Input!!!

I'm finally getting ready to order amps for my car within the next week and I'm down to 1 of 2 different options:

2 Soundstream Reference 4.920's

2 PPI Phantom 900.4's and 1 Phantom 1000.1

I'm running a 3 way active front stage (Vifa tweets on a pillars, Dayton RS100 mids in kick panels, 8" midbasses in doors (probably settling on the Dayton RS225), and 1 or possibly 2 12" subs.

If I go SS it will be with 1 of them running 4-channel to tweets and mids and the other one running 3 channel to the midbass and sub/subs.

PPI would be a900.4 running 4-channel to tweets/mids, 2nd 900.4 running 2 channel to midbasses, and the 1000.1 running the subs.

Fire away, input welcomed!!! :)

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