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Amp repair

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I bought an amp with a relatively easy to fix problem, it has a blown cap.

Well the cap that is blown is one of the small (about the size of a pencil) caps. Its actually right next to the RCA input...

Anyways, I contacted JBL to get the value, which they gave to me.

However Im not finding this value... Also they call out a "CEC-00-00004 CAPACITOR CERAMIC TUBULAR 50V 102pF"

Well all the cermaic caps Ive found are like disc or square looking ones. This one looks like a smaller electrolytic...

What the heck????

(BTW I gave them the location of said blown cap and they told me the quoted value)

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I can almost assure you that you will need more than a cap. It is the regular electrolytic cap like the ones next to it. Not a ceramic. Ceramic don't blow cardboard and oil everywhere. But I am pretty sure that the cap exploding is caused by something else. Just don't see a cap go "poof" in the input section of a board. Usually followed by a diode, resistor, transistor, ect. Or all of the above...
Is that from the blown cap? If so wow.
This is the first time I have ever seen an input stage capacitor detonate like that. I've seen power supply caps die a violent death but never something next to the RCAs. Regardless, this will more than likely NOT be a fun repair.
I have seen the Rockford Fosgate 650 with cardboard everywhere like this several times. The RF 650 stands out since once when working on one, this exact thing happened in front of me. Cap top flew off along with a large bang. It is common. When this happens, it makes sounds like a fire cracker or a 22 going off. Will scare the hell out of you. Makes a mess too... Have seen it in Orion, RF, Targa, ect. But usually only after it happens. Only happened once or twice in front of me that I can remember.
Ok, so next question... Since its obvious they didnt give me the right description it would be safe to assume the capacitance listed is also wrong...

Im going to try emailing them again. Hopefully I get a correct response. Also Im going to remove the blown cap and make sure I have the right location... Theres a lot going on in that little area.

Thanks guys!
Look at the black/silver electro caps next to the bad one. (6 showing in pic) . Are they all the same values? If so, it might be the same value cap as the one that is missing.
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