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Amp Restoration

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I am able to Re-Anodize just about ANY color of heatsink and/or powdercoating. These processes I have completed and I can also swap parts for restoration. I do not engineer this stuff so I do not put the fancy big caps, etc. I keep on hand Muse KZ, Elna Silmic II, and some OS-CON. I also have all series of Wima MKS/MKP as well. I swap typically part for parts in restoration but I am willing to increase the capacitance of the power supply, etc. at owners request.

Mostly please see pictures for an understanding of what I am offering.

Here is a OLD, BEAT UP McIntosh amp I restored. Before/After
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Sweet right up. I know some of my favorite DIY on here are ones that people do about amp restorations. I think a lot of people also too. Its one of those things that people would love to do but A. Don't know where to start, or B. Don't know how to do it. lets see some write ups of some that you have done. That would great!

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