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Amp Restoration

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I am able to Re-Anodize just about ANY color of heatsink and/or powdercoating. These processes I have completed and I can also swap parts for restoration. I do not engineer this stuff so I do not put the fancy big caps, etc. I keep on hand Muse KZ, Elna Silmic II, and some OS-CON. I also have all series of Wima MKS/MKP as well. I swap typically part for parts in restoration but I am willing to increase the capacitance of the power supply, etc. at owners request.

Mostly please see pictures for an understanding of what I am offering.

Here is a OLD, BEAT UP McIntosh amp I restored. Before/After
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I am more into restoration and minor repair. That is due to my short amount of experience in repair. Hope that helps
When you replace a lot of parts in process of restoration there is a high possibility you fix it in process. ;)
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