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Amplifiers behind factory trim panels?

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Hi All, new Kid here, so please be gentle :)

I've a VW polo - I don't think you got them in the US, but it's a small hatchback a little smaller than the VW golf.

I'm struggling with where to put amplifiers. The boot is very small, and there is no room under the front seats. I think I should be able to fit my Amps behind the side panels next to the rear seat (where the rear doors would be if it had them!).

It'll be 3 small class Ds, Helix M four DSP, M four and M one.

Any reason not to? access would be tricky but not impossible, and I believe all these amps run very cool?

Any thoughts much appreciated!
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Fitting them flat on the boot floor would be easiest and put a trim panel over the top to look nice and protect them.

Or attached to the rear seat backs?

I used to have a Lupo and replaced rear seat base cushions with an amp rack, but I didn’t use them so was ok to remove them.

Other options could be passenger front foot well and build it up higher.

As it’s a 3 door the rear 3/4 panels either side of the rear seats could be OK. Take off the panels have a look :)

Hope this helps!

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If you do fit them behind the trim panels I personally would add some cooling. Bilge pump blower fans are the most efficient but very loud, if you want minimal noise I would use PC fans, equal intake and exhaust. You could make a grill over these with some grill cloth if you're going for a stealth install, and this would also prevent large particles from getting back there, much like a filter on a PC.
I'm struggling with where to put amplifiers. The boot is very small, and there is no room under the front seats.

Any thoughts much appreciated!
Have a look at these two videos from Mark from CAF:

Part - 1

Part - 2

If you can perform something similar, should help a lot and save space in the boot.

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That's interesting... the panel actually has a speaker grill that would easily take a fan behind it.

I'll get a pic of the panel. Not now though, as I live in England, which means it's raining.

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