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Hello all,
I started research for my sq build a few months ago and recently got to the stage of actualy purchasing stuff... So here is what I've got piled up in my living room right now. (everything is going into my 2000 Acura TL)

Speakers: I will include RMS power handling for reader's convinience.

tweets: Vifa XT25SC90-04 50W RMS 4ohm
Mids: awaiting testing. don't have any yet
Midbass: Dayton Audio RS180-4 60W RMS 4 ohm
Subwoofer: Infinity 1262 leftover from previous (and terrible) system
soon to come are 2 Acoustic Ellegance IB 15's

Head Unit: Sony xplode something or other (also left over from previous terrible sound system) will be upgraded somewhere allong the way.

Processing: miniDSP 2X8 kit.

Sound Deadening: LOTS of raamat BTXII all doors sealed. loud spots on floor and pillars covered. rear decklid and trunk to be sealed pending subwoofer decisions. This car was already pretty quitet at highway speeds. whisper conversations are possible. :)

Testing: TrueRTA spectrum analyzer software. Dayton Audio EMM-6 microphone and the supporting hardware (OSP USB Microphone Adapter w/ Phantom Power).

I also have all the various wires, all the parts to build my RCA cables and such.

So at this point I thought I would do some testing to see what I need for my midrange, then I discovered my amp's high pass filter can only be as high as 500HZ (miniDSP has not arrived yet).

I am sort of stalled right now, but I really want to figure out what to do about amplifiers. I would really like to stay under $600 for all 6 channels. I can continue on for a while with my sony mono amp for my subwoofer(s).
Any sugestions on a low distortion amp meeting my somewhat modest power requirements? I have found several 6 chanel amps with apporpriate power handling but they have pretty high signal to noise ratios.

I am still pretty new to the SQ scene and am learning something new every day. any help or sugestions about ANY part of my build will be much appreciated.

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