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Ok, so my boiler died.

Old 1940's oil unit.

Had someone come look at replacing it, 6100 to keep oil, or 5700 to switch to direct vent natural gas. (I do have gas in the house for water heater and stove already)
Nat gas is after 750 credit from state off the top.

This seems extremely high to me. I see direct vent units at home depot for 1k. No way it can be 5k+ for labor.

I see oil units online 1500-2500.
Again, can labor be that high?

I dont do HVAC, but dont know what this entails here.

I can do minor plumbing, and have added zones before for buddies, and have a mild layman understanding. But replace a boiler? Way beyond me.

Can anyone help with some insight here?
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