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dodgerblue said:
As far as minitrucks 20 clean watts i think the veh itself has too many variables to say that 20w is enough to drive the speakers loud enough to suit all listeners tastes-doorsize,car width, cabin size, -speaker location on-off axis and listeners tastes are the determining factor. but if your happy with 20-or so watts driving your mids you save yourself alot of money in amps :D everyones different thats what its all about! :)
I am by no means a car audio expert, but I have to agree with Dodgerblue until someone proves me wrong. I have 75W from a US Amps 5600 (which I thought was pretty clean power) going to my Seas Lotus 6.5's and that is not enough. But the reasons it is not enough is that occasionally I like to listen at near concert levels and my car is noisy. (Aftermarket stuff...) I am assuming that if my car was new and quiet, I would not need as much power. I wished I only needed 20W for the mids. Man, would that be cheap! :)
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