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minitruck_freq said:
my ca18's are getting less than 20 watts. ive said it before and im gonna say it again......u do not need 100+ watts on your front stage. a quality 50 x 4 amp is more than adequate. for those of u that dont beleive it....u have never heard clean power.
I pretty much said the same thing in the other amp thread. I realized I have never used 8 ohm drivers before though. Any thoughts if a 50x4 at 4 ohm amp like a Precision Power DCX 300.4 would be enough to power the front stage? Obviously the tweeters won't be sucking as much power as the mids so does some of the headroom left over from driving the easy channels get saved for the mids? I really don't want twice the power (plus more money) if I don't need it, my electrical system won't be able to take it in the long run. Plus, I plan to power a class D mono amp (way in the future) for the subs as well.
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