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another Eclipse 88120DVC question...odd ohm reading

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I remember my sub info saying that it was dual 2 ohm voicecoils, so I wired them for a 4 ohm load. The recent info I have seen on my sub says it has dual 4 ohm voicecoils. I just did a multimeter reading of the sub box terminals (no wires attached) and it read 6 ohms. Does this mean I have 2 or 4 ohm voicecoils?
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I did more google searching and I think I have answered my own question. Regardless of what I was told (or thought I was told), I have dual 4 ohm coils. That means I'm running my sub at 8 ohms. This now brings up some additional questions...yay!

1. Since I'm running it far less than the 500 watts RMS that the sub recommends (since it is at 8 ohms), could this have any effect on the subs ability to product notes in the bottom octave? It gets there, but loses steam (yes, a different box would help).

2. My new amp runs 1000 watts at 2 ohms bridged. Since I don't go crazy with my music, would there be a problem to rewire my sub at 2 ohms and send it 1000 watts RMS (mosconi as200.2)

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