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I hate to do this, but I am going to downgrade to a much simpler setup with my full range drivers and my IDQs. Simply don't have the time to do the install this quarter, or the money to support several hobbies.

I am going to try to sell the Alpine MRA-F350 and the 9860 as a package. Hopefully someone will accomplish what I was trying to do:

The DVA-9860 was purchased and didn't have the optical output box. I went ahead and purchased it so now the following is included:

  • RUE-4187 remote: not sure if this works with the unit. Just came with it and will be included.
  • Fairly long harness
  • Cage
  • Faceplate case

I will include a very nice 25 foot parts express optical cable, but it doesn't fit the amplifier so you may have to get creative.

The amplifier is a very powerful, often overlooked piece. If you want everything to setup a hafler stereo (with or without center channel) with L-R processing, this is your piece. Does discrete front three channels and has independent 5 band parametric EQ for the L/R, Center, and Rear channels. It as as highpass crossovers for all channels, a sub out with parametric EQ, lowpass and subsonic, and 50w x 5 for the main channels.

Think of it as a baby H701 for matrix surround!!! But with amplification.

I will have pictures soon. Would like $335 Plus shipping for the pair plus the optical cable. I will NOT split up unless I have a buyer for both.

Also going to get rid of my Mpyre 65ms These are BRAND NEW never used. Would like $75 plus shipping for the pair.

Thank you guys :(
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