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any gems?

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wasnt sure where to post this, but have a line on this gear....its all NIB circa 98. Any help on what its worth would be appreciated....

1. McIntosh MC420 50W x 4 Power Amp (high end, rare)

2. Phoenix Gold ZX250 W/x-over Power Amp (very rare)

3. Alpine TDA-7554 CD Shuttle control 35W x 4 Head Deck

4. Pioneer TS-C702 packaged component speaker 150W system
4a. Flush mount 7in Woofer
4b. 1X Flush (swivel type) surface mount Hard Dome Tweeter

5. Lightning Audio Lightning Cap Capacitor E.S.R <1.5 Milliohm Tolerance -10+50%

6. Power-EFX Fuse Block PDF4 Capsule Design Power Distribution Block

7. Power-EFX Power/Ground Distributor

Also included as a part of this package:

8. Alpine 11-Band Graphic EQ ERE-G180 (used)

9. 2X Kaption KLF-124W Competition 12in Subs (used)

10. 2X Kicker F65a 4 Ohm (used)

11. 2X Alpine 6011 Dome Tweeters 150W 4 Ohm (used)

12. MB Quart QM-100 Center Channel 4in 40W 4 Ohm (used)

13. RockFord Fosgate 2600X Power Amp RMS 2 X 60W into 2 Ohms
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