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any thoughts on this one?

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Ive been eyeballing this amp and it looks like a bad boy


i also have a person an a different forum offering up an AQ2200.1 for $300 shipped but it has some scuffs on it. AQ is the brand that eventually became soundcubed, so its the same amp, but im wondering if theres been a downturn in quality from the brand change. The $130 savings doesnt sound like a big monetary saving for it being used and scuffed. Anyone know anything about soundcubed vs AQ as far as quality goes?
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Too bad you didn't grab on on Black Friday they were like 349 bucks shipped. If you can afford a new one go for it. Not sure on SQ between the two I have heard nothing bad on the SQ line though. If not that's not a horribly price though hard to say how old it is or how beat up it is they generally tend to keep good value.
Yeah, ive heard that they have some wicked sales from time to time. The one thats used has several scuffs on the front making the aluminum casing visible. Im thinking the new one for $430 (free shipping) and scratch the old beat up one for $300. I hope the internals on the new one are as good as the old line
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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