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I'm getting a Town and Country soon, and will be doing a 3-way component set. Midbass will be in the doors, after modifying the stock 6x9 location (8"s woohoo), while the 4" component set will be "somewhere" else. First option is obviously kicks. However with this particular vehicle, there are 5 1/2" mounting holes in the dash firing at the windshield. Problem is I think you can only get to them by ripping apart the dash.

First what are some opinions on using that stock location and firing a midrange off the windshield. The 4" component set is a CDT HD set. So they're crossed over pretty high.

Second, does anybody know how to get to that location in the dash? If necessary the handy dandy ole dremel will solve any problem, but that would be a last resort.

Third, a friend already has this vehicle and states that the mounting depth is rather shallow. Does anybody have a more accurate idea of how much space I have to work with in front of (between the frame and the door panel), and behind (between the frame and the window)?

I can't cut anything due to the fact it'll be a company vehicle that will eventually need to be turned in. In other words, cosmetically it needs to stay exactly the same. I can modify anything that doesn't get seen though.
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