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Although I do not have a Subaru (Actually we bought our daughter a 2019 Forrester) but I was faced with the same situation with my 2019 Honda Passport, which also had the upgraded (540w) OEM stereo. Anyway, I went with the Audison AP F8.9 DSP Amp.

It tapped into the stock head unit (and CD player) and was able to use the OEM speaker outputs, de-equalize the signal and restore a full frequency input (read about that in the link below):

Probably the best advantage of the AP F8.9 over the Helix V-8 is the ability to BRIDGE two channels together (for a 260w output) to drive a Sub-woofer.

So you could upgrade your front Woofers and Tweeters, run a set of co-axials or a two way speaker set "passively" in the rear and power your sub, all with ONE Amp, that is roughly 9"x6"x2"...

No need to beef up your alternator, battery or electrical system...

Just a thought, I know it was not exactly what you were asking about...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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