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Anyone here with a Chrysler 200/Sebring or Dodge Avenger Sedan?

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I own a 2013 200 and I'm wondering how others attacked their car audio install? Dash mounted tweeters?

I wanted to try and put tweeters in the sail panel, but failed miserably at making nice custom tweeter pods; a local guy quoted me $800 so I turned that down, gave up and slapped some Kicker CS 3.5" coaxials in the dash.

The Kickers sound ok, powered off a Kenwood DDIN. I like the lifted vocals and with a simple balance '1' to the right side I do not have any terrible localization issues like in previous cars.

I'm not an audiophile, but I'm not happy. I know I'm lacking a LOT.
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I have had decent success using PCV end caps as pods, secured with threaded lamp rod. If you drill the pvc precisely the threaded rod can be somewhat tapped into the PVC leaving threads as it goes in. I can't think of the thread title but maybe someone can chime in. It has been done many times over.

I only had to drill a hole in my A-pillar large enough to fit the threaded rod through. The speaker wire hides inside the lamp rod giving it a clean out of site look. The pods I have are for a medium flanged tweeter, but they are clean and have grown on me.

Being it is -12C (10F) does not make this guy want to start a fibreglass project.
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