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Hi all,

I have an idea that I would like to propose...

There is much debate here on the Critical Mass UL12, yes...?!

My thought is, I am no longer able to use the UL12 I own, I swapped out my RF P1000 5ch for Linear Power... Well the UL12 has 2 impedance options 3ohm or .75ohm, neither of which will work well with the LP100 I have slated for sub duty..


My thought now is, I've GOT to hear this sub, I've lusted over it for YEARS now... I would also like my breatheren here to hear it as well...

So, i'm thinking that if someone in my general area was running IB, and willing to change things up a bit, that I would loan it out for a test..

Basically I want to send it out, have it installed, tweeked and then hear it at a meet...

So, a short list of requirements...

IB install, something somewhat easily re-configurable, I don't want you to kill yourself working it in...

Decent install/car, if you treat the car like a **** hole, you do not qualify..

You burn/blow it, you buy it..

600-1200w of power on tap, with some sort of subsonic filter in the line to help protect the sub..

I know, I know, all the talk of me and the UL12... I didn't think, when I sold the 1000 about the ohm load of the UL12..

Anyone interested in trying this out??
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