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Anyone try one of these cheap dsp's yet?

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I just noticed the cerwin vega has a couple of new dsps and so does diamond audio. Looks like they are the same units just dressed different and the diamond audio is a little more expensive. These actually fit what I'm looking for in a dsp, just wondering if they are worth a poo for a budget unit in a budget system. (it looks like only the 6 channel is currently available but the 8 channel will be soon)

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I know i get a sub out.....but I want a sub input too where i don't need a separate bass knob.....Just one of those things I've always hated....I prefer the sub level in the head unit. i've already go enough switches and buttons in the car as it is lol
Just wait. Save the money. Get a helix. Get the director. Be done.
You’re right as always. But I can’t seem to come to terms with spending that much 😳. I’ve been mulling over this for months. Same thing with the mids. I finally ordered some yesterday. As much as I like car audio, it’s not my main hobby $$ focus. I’m into guns, knives and going fast. One of the pistols I just bought, then put a red don’t on it and a trigger….I could have bought a helix. And I haven’t even shot it yet. Probably because ammo is $40-$55 a box. I’ve bought over $300 in ammo for it so far. Yikes.
Hmmm....I agree with all that. But.....**** i would by ten more boxes of 9mm if I had to choose.
But buying the cerwin is like buying a Glock 1911.
It'll shoot.'s gonna jam. Prolly take a chunk outta the worste spot to take a chunk out of on your hand. Just wait... Get a ppq m2 and throw some shots.
I’m embarrassed. I was about to ask you what the heck is a Glock 1911. Then to keep myself from looking like a fool, I looked it up. I did not know Glock made that! And I call myself a “gun guy”. Lol. And I own 4 glocks. Wow, I feel like a dummy.
But yea, maybe the Vega is a hunk of junk. Now I did think that about the 8” Vegas I put in the back deck and I’m still impressed by them. Along with probably at least another dozen people I printed adapters for. I’m really considering just ordering one and sending back if I don’t like it. But like previously said, I’ll have to find a seller who accepts returns. Even tho I don’t like doing that, I like throwing $350 in the trash a lot less, ha. I have some hobby money coming my way probably after the weekend and I’ll hopefully have made up my mind by then and then risk it for sake of experimenting. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a decent budget choice for us cheap asses like me.
You can't know everything. Lol.
Robot or human?
Free 30 days returns
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Exactly, something simple that i can use as an active crossover with bluetooth controls..... I'm not real worried with anything else. My head unit has time alignment and it works "good enough" for me. I'm not a super picky true audiophile. At least i don't consider myself to be.
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6 in. 6 out.
BRO....I got excited.....then I read the frequencies on the channels. ugh...... too good to be true. On the highs, it only goes down to 125hz(i need down to at least 50hx and up to 15khz) and on the upper end 8khz and then the sub only goes down to 31hz which I need down to 20hz. So close. I think i'm gonna end up with a cerwin vega or a fosgate dsr1..... I'm thinking about posting a wanted ad for a dsr1.......
Ya I thought about that pretty much as I was hitting the post button.
But decided to give you hope. At least for the moment
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I appreciate all you do! some of you guys have been most helpful. I'm glad I joined this forum. I'm still trying to read that whole thread about the dsr1 before buying one.
Oh buy that. From crutchfeild. It's finicky. But so is everything at that price point.
Try it. For 2 months. Don't like it. Send it back. For free. Get it.
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@DasFriek Tried a DS18 DSP awhile back and it was a dud from what I remember, Maybe he will chime in with some info for you.

I would go with a quality used dsp before I gambled with 300.00 on this DS18 unit.
I was just about to post the thread but can't find it.
There are so many dsp threads.
But ya his was a dud. Twice if I remember.
The first would not turn on or turn on and then turn off.
The second also had some sort of issue but don't remember at all. They sucked though.
FWIW, it is super quick and easy to find like this:
View attachment 364315

...and here is the result:
View attachment 364316
I haven't tried to use the actual site search function since I came back to it. Back then it was pretty much useless.
So I always just use Google with a diyma tag.
Good to see it works now.
Meh.....I used the internet search....I forgot about searching here.....honestly I didn't bother checking here because when dsp is discussed.... its "get a helix" so i figured no one would be brave enough to post a cheap unit on here.....well except for me. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that I'm mistaken....
A long time ago it didn't work anyway. I mean it worked. would give you results.
But damned if you were Any better off.
I'm used to other forums search function not working worth a poo....i usually end up better off searching from the this case...not so much. Looks like dasfreik already attempted a mini review with his....but it looks like he had quite alot going on with his install and the complexity may have played a role. I dunno. Then i looked at the ESX unit but thats out of my budget when I factor in shipping and Bluetooth I really like the remote that you have to also buy separate. sigh...
Juuuuust get a twk bro
I just can’t make up my damn mind! One minute I’m wanting this dsp or that dsp and then the next minute I’m thinking just use passive crossovers and then use the dsp-LF on my subs. Well I unhooked it about a month ago because the battery went dead in my car and this thing locked up and I didn’t feel like resetting it or messing with it anymore. Seems like the stereo sounded better without it. Then tonight I reset it and ran a self equalization on it but this time used a Dayton mic instead of my phones mic. Then made a couple tweaks. Now I’m really realizing I need a decent dsp. I know this little turd is a POS and if it makes it sound this much better, I’ll be happy with something at least as good or better but this one makes a little noise at idle (idle, I mean with volume down all the way and car off, it’s not alternator whine).
Truth be told, I’m dragging my feet because I have a wedding coming up for one of my kids and that’s going to cost me, so I’m trying not to waste 6, 7 or 800+$$$ on a dsp. That’s why I have a budget and I’m more or less cheaping out. I really keep considering a dsr1 unfortunately. Seems to work ok as a standalone. HAS TO BE better than this Dayton dsp.
Get the dsr1. From crutchfeild. If you don't like it you have 2 months to see.d it back. For free.
Yes and no. It has the inputs I need but isn’t app capable and the price is out of my budget for the time being.
And its prone to noise issues.
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Problem is I already have two amps, a 4 channel and mono block. But I do need to separate my front widebands and maybe tweets. I’m not sure I like the idea of running the power of the jbl into my high level inputs on the punch amps. Seems like an invitation for noise.
You can use the amplifier outputs on the dsp 5h3 same as you would any low level rca output.
In the software you turn the levels down to an appropriate voltage.
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You are a bad influence! Lol
Did you get it? I took a nap.
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I have a question first. I'm looking at the instructions and on an example computer screen, it has "write" on it. Well I'm well versed enough in electronics to know what that means. I'm guessing, you make your changes and then write to the amp for them to take effect? If I'm correct, and its not based on "realtime" adjustments.... I'm out. If its realtime, then I'm really considering it.
I'm sure you can hear changes real time. That's a good question though.
I'm thinking about one these for a super cheap kia build.
DSP4086: yes, you can hear changes in real time, as soon as you drag a point in the graphical representation, or as soon as you tab/enter/focus away from the parameter that you entered. "Write" makes it permanent, it takes a few seconds, and you can save it all to your laptop as well.
That's what I figured. It's kinda they way they all work.
Just in their own way.
So as you make changes, it changes that setting? Why do you have to “write” it? Does it lose those settings when powered off if you don’t write? Trying to get as much info on it before buying.
Yes just like any other program really.
Like in the old PC games. Power went out while you playing. Done for. Sister walks in wanting to use the phone. Done for.
So as you make changes, it changes that setting? Why do you have to “write” it? Does it lose those settings when powered off if you don’t write? Trying to get as much info on it before buying. look at that...
On sale bro
Perfect timing. My check was $1400 short this month :(
Wtf... explain.
You can't just drop that like this
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