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Anyone try one of these cheap dsp's yet?

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I just noticed the cerwin vega has a couple of new dsps and so does diamond audio. Looks like they are the same units just dressed different and the diamond audio is a little more expensive. These actually fit what I'm looking for in a dsp, just wondering if they are worth a poo for a budget unit in a budget system. (it looks like only the 6 channel is currently available but the 8 channel will be soon)

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pahahaha....just noticed the wording is almost exactly the same!
I assume these are for the bike crowd? I follow a guy on YouTube and he puts some small dsp on every Harley bagger build he does
Yes or a vehicle
Why not Dayton DSP?
I need 6 inputs and 8 outputs. The Dayton only has 4 inputs. This unit also has Bluetooth capability with an app and no additional module to buy. Also I read numerous times the Dayton was noisy. I have a Dayton LP dsp and I don’t care too much for it. Matter of fact, I disconnected it.
Why do you need 6 inputs? Are you using a bunch of different sources? If you're just using your head unit, you really only need to feed a full range stereo signal to one pair of inputs. The Dayton does require a dongle for direct BT connection, but it's still cheaper than these.

I don't have one, so I can't really weigh in on the noise question. I've heard differing reports. I will say that I doubt you're getting better build quality out of whichever Chinese build house makes stuff for CV and DA these days.
You may not agree on what I prefer, but after all, it’s about what we each prefer in our system. I want front, rear, and sub hooked up to the inputs on the dsp so I do not need a bass knob and can control my sub volume with the control in the headunit. That’s how I prefer it. I also want the fader to work correctly with my head unit.
Well I don’t know. I’m considering trying one. But then I can get a helix mini for $500 but it still only has 4 inputs.
Or I can get a Fosgate DSR1 for $269.99.......
For that price, what does it do that the DSR1 doesn't?

The DSR1 certainly has some shortcomings, but for what it is and the price, it's not bad. I've been moderately happy with mine, but looking for something better now. were typing while I was......

I'm going to research it and see how the app works....

But does it have 6 inputs? it says 4 Balanced Differential RCA Inputs and 2 aux inputs.....
Because, it's absolutely terrible with ground loop noise and only has 10-eq bands per channel?

I had one in my Tacoma without any issues whatsoever, but when installed it in my 911 I couldn't get rid of the noises.

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I just replaced my Bose amp with the JBL4806 so I killed two birds in one stone.

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So I just looked at this amp. interesting. I have some questions. I'd rather use my punch 4x100 on my midbasses, I could use the other channels for my subs, tweets and widbands....could I use the high level out to high level in on my punch amp? basically turn the gain way down on 4 channels of the jbl and run into the high level of my punch amp.....or am i setting myself up for some major noise?
Here is another option from the motorcycle world, but a better name and some extra coin. Hertz – S8 DSP – Volunteer Audio
I saw that one yesterday too, i found on ebay for $499 shipped....but at that point I might as well get a helix? Thing is, alot of these units don't tick off all the boxes for me....the cerwin vega/diamond audio do tho though.
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You get sub out with the Dayton. As for ground loop noise, I have heard of it but I haven't seen it.

I got mine with the controller for $165 and though I agree that more expensive dsps offer more, with the helix being top dawg, I chose to get one now that I can afford and plan on upgrading later. I'd rather have music while I save rather than save with no music.

But to each his own.
I know i get a sub out.....but I want a sub input too where i don't need a separate bass knob.....Just one of those things I've always hated....I prefer the sub level in the head unit. i've already go enough switches and buttons in the car as it is lol
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That I am not sure. I am using their integration harness on a Ford. From the DSR1 I am feeding 6 channels to an amp to do active 2 way front and rear fill plus 2 channels to a sub.

My biggest issue is the app. My gripes after using it for a few years:
  • You can only tune in the app on your phone or tablet, no PC option. You can export the tune files and edit with Notepad, but I would only do that after you get a decent tune and want to get it perfect. Reference: Why isn't there more fuss about the DSR1?
  • You can't type in settings, you have to use buttons to move around frequency bands, gain, Q, etc. It's VERY time consuming. You cannot get the exact Q and frequency values you want. If you want more granular frequency adjustments, you need to move an adjacent frequency band close to it first. If I am doing a whole new tune from REW, it takes me 30min on my phone sitting in the car tapping buttons like a moron to enter everything.
  • Gain increment is 0.5
  • Max Q is 10
  • Q uses something non-standard to calculate. If you export from REW, you cannot use generic or the Q values will all be wrong. Reference: Why isn't there more fuss about the DSR1? You can also use the profile for a Crown USM-810. It used to do the wrong Q values for higher frequencies, but I didn't find that the case (I compared Qs on the 3Sixty.3 setting and USM-810 and found no differences in the latest version of REW). With that said, neither of those REW settings let you keep crossover filters. So, you need to do all of your work with generic and then when tuned, change the EQ setting to one of those profiles to get your EQ settings. Neither one is perfect though for the DSR-1. The DSR-1 has more bands than either and the max Q is 10 (USM is 35, 3.Sixty is 6).
  • Bluetooth connection is finicky

Overall, the SQ is fine and it works. For cars like newer Fords... your options are very limited and this is a nice single unit solution for OEM integration PLUS DSP. It was my first DSP, but I am done with it. It's too much of a PITA to set.
Thats exactly what I don't want. I want something simple. Basically i just want to be able to set my high and low frequency for each speaker and be done with it. I'll continue to use my head units time alignment. I don't desire all kinds of settings that I don't understand. I'm not that into this hobby and I'm not that picky. The DSP LP was cool and all, for the most part it was simple and did what i wanted, made noise unless i had a filter and drained my battery if I didn't drive the car for a week. If I disconnected power to the DSP LP then i lost all my settings so I had to leave it powered on.....yea...umm no.
OP sounds like you are just going to have to take a leap of faith on this. I would just look for a place like a Crutchfield that has a very good/friendly return policy in case you dont like it. I dont know who has it for sale though. All things considered, I dont think it would be bad at all.
I'm waiting to find one on amazon........ haha
Bro you gotta choose what you can live with and without. From what you're saying seems like you need a Helix, Mosconi, the Focal FSP, something high end like that. Which translates to higher cost. Anything that I've found that has 6 in stats at around

I think ANS had a Focal FSP for 500 or so brand new in the classifieds. It has 8 in and out and the software is pretty simple in my opinion.

The axxess dsp also has 6 in and is 299 now on Walmart

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If you're willing to wait you can get it for 235 on Sonic

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Thanks! I have not seen this unit.....looks exactly like what I'm looking for. I just downloaded the app and read the destructions and looks simple and easy to use. If I got the vega or diamond, i'd be waiting on an app. This unit is only adjust with an app...not a deal breaker for me, but i'm going to see if i can use a spectrum analyzer with my mini laptop....if so, I'll probably end up getting this unit.
I had one of the Axxess lite but I needed 8 out so o switched to the Dayton.

I plan on keeping it until I can get a new Helix or Mosconi.
Theres one version with 6 in and 10 out...

I got a Mosconi DSP 6to8 V8 I'd let go for 250.00 shipped.
dang. I have an iphone, looks like android only :(
Or laptop.
Meh..... I really like the idea of being able to make changes at anytime. Really good deal tho....and i was really considering it. I've had several times when I had a dsp in the cart and almost bought it.....but I'm having a hard time making up my mind. If yours worked with the iphone, I'd be on it.
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what's the DSP LP you mention here?
My mistake. It’s a DSP LF

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Just wait. Save the money. Get a helix. Get the director. Be done.
You’re right as always. But I can’t seem to come to terms with spending that much 😳. I’ve been mulling over this for months. Same thing with the mids. I finally ordered some yesterday. As much as I like car audio, it’s not my main hobby $$ focus. I’m into guns, knives and going fast. One of the pistols I just bought, then put a red don’t on it and a trigger….I could have bought a helix. And I haven’t even shot it yet. Probably because ammo is $40-$55 a box. I’ve bought over $300 in ammo for it so far. Yikes.
Hmmm....I agree with all that. But.....**** i would by ten more boxes of 9mm if I had to choose.
But buying the cerwin is like buying a Glock 1911.
It'll shoot.'s gonna jam. Prolly take a chunk outta the worste spot to take a chunk out of on your hand. Just wait... Get a ppq m2 and throw some shots.
I’m embarrassed. I was about to ask you what the heck is a Glock 1911. Then to keep myself from looking like a fool, I looked it up. I did not know Glock made that! And I call myself a “gun guy”. Lol. And I own 4 glocks. Wow, I feel like a dummy.
But yea, maybe the Vega is a hunk of junk. Now I did think that about the 8” Vegas I put in the back deck and I’m still impressed by them. Along with probably at least another dozen people I printed adapters for. I’m really considering just ordering one and sending back if I don’t like it. But like previously said, I’ll have to find a seller who accepts returns. Even tho I don’t like doing that, I like throwing $350 in the trash a lot less, ha. I have some hobby money coming my way probably after the weekend and I’ll hopefully have made up my mind by then and then risk it for sake of experimenting. Maybe it’ll turn out to be a decent budget choice for us cheap asses like me.
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