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Anyone try one of these cheap dsp's yet?

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I just noticed the cerwin vega has a couple of new dsps and so does diamond audio. Looks like they are the same units just dressed different and the diamond audio is a little more expensive. These actually fit what I'm looking for in a dsp, just wondering if they are worth a poo for a budget unit in a budget system. (it looks like only the 6 channel is currently available but the 8 channel will be soon)

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My experience was really bad with that DSP.
1 DOA and second one iirc would randomly lock up.
that thread hes talking about ill look for.
The worst part was DS18 customer service which was horrible.
To this day i wont buy ANYTHING with DS18 on it, which is good as i think their products are junk.
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I posted the link to my experiance in another thread,dum dum dum….. i wondered why i didnt see it just now.
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Give ANS a message and see what he has. He gets all the good stuff from Europe at great prices.
i like the ESX DSP he sold me, i doubt many people in the USA own one. You can order one from Germany threw Ebay.
Where‘s the AMP’S??
JKM, it looks good until i saw the Taramps go into flames.
i pickedup second DSPa Forsgate DSR-1,never open the box.
it will be running my bass with 4 channels.
and my 7 channel running front stage and rearfill.
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Ive had my experience’s with DSP’s,cheap and mid range and nothing over $500
one was the Spanish model’s for $120
2x DS18 which has been posted here.
ESX Director
The Director is wonderful, i picked it up for $460
I just bought a DSR1 to run my subs and the ESX will run rest.

personally my thing in my DSP i must have is optical input, twice as good if it has an out optical.
Stop’s noise instantly. I tried a DA408 hooked up with rca’s and the engine noise was so loud it was louder than the car until half volume.
im putting up two affordable DSP’s in the classifieds.
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