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Anyone try one of these cheap dsp's yet?

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I just noticed the cerwin vega has a couple of new dsps and so does diamond audio. Looks like they are the same units just dressed different and the diamond audio is a little more expensive. These actually fit what I'm looking for in a dsp, just wondering if they are worth a poo for a budget unit in a budget system. (it looks like only the 6 channel is currently available but the 8 channel will be soon)

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Why not Dayton DSP?
Because, it's absolutely terrible with ground loop noise and only has 10-eq bands per channel?

I had one in my Tacoma without any issues whatsoever, but when installed it in my 911 I couldn't get rid of the noises.

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I just replaced my Bose amp with the JBL4806 so I killed two birds in one stone.

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So I just looked at this amp. interesting. I have some questions. I'd rather use my punch 4x100 on my midbasses, I could use the other channels for my subs, tweets and widbands....could I use the high level out to high level in on my punch amp? basically turn the gain way down on 4 channels of the jbl and run into the high level of my punch amp.....or am i setting myself up for some major noise?
I'm feeding my subwoofer mono amp from a channel off the Amp/DSP, and did just that with the levels -- started at -50dB ended up at -15dB to match the volume it was at being fed directly from the HU.

I did encounter an issue with the subwoofers popping on power on after doing this, but running the signal through a line-out convertor solved the issue for me. YMMV. I just wired the channel to an RCA plug and fed it directly into the RCA input on the sub amp, I never tried the hi-level inputs on the sub amp which is probably how I should have fed it..

Seems integrated DSPs in amps is becoming more and more common. I got this one refurbed for only $199, it obvious no Helix but I've been pretty happy with the purchase.
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Just wait. Save the money. Get a helix. Get the director. Be done.
OP basically wants an active crossover and that's it. Helix seems wasted on someone who doesn't actually want to tune their speakers.
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Exactly, something simple that i can use as an active crossover with bluetooth controls..... I'm not real worried with anything else. My head unit has time alignment and it works "good enough" for me. I'm not a super picky true audiophile. At least i don't consider myself to be.
The thing is though, once you do tune the speakers, you'll never want to go back to an untuned setup.

Even a very very quick tune to remove spikes and getting the speaker more closely matched side to side will be a significant improvement.
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I paired a Clarion EQ with my Dayton DSP. That way I can tune and still make changes on the fly with the Clarion. And the sub stage goes from the Clarion to the amp so the bass knob built into the EQ has full control of the subs. And it also has a volume knob for the mids and highs.

plus if you tune it well enough, you shouldnt need to make changes.

I use the subwoofer level on the HU and the 14-point EQ to make any fine adjustments if need be. typically I don't: EQ set to flat, subwoofer set to +/- 0dB.
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I bought my JBL DSP4806 for $199 refurbished.
I wish it had an app, but I've tuned it so I never need to touch it again; you shouldn't be touching crossovers and PEQ without a microphone and tuning software anyway.

When I had a Dayton DSP, the only time I used the app was to show anyone curious how the DSP worked.

I would actually say its biggest downfall is that it's only 40watt at 4ohm vs 60watt at 2ohm. Need to purchase pretty sensitive 4ohm speakers if you need volume. And with my small cabin I was doing a LOT of cutting of peaks which significantly limited the output.
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