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So, I was inspired by abefroman's thread about the X-001 and would like to change the illumination LED's on my Alpine IDA-X100 headunit to green. Both because the red/blue illumination options doesnt look right with the green dash light in my Toyota Starlet, and because i think green makes the buttons much easier to read in the dark.

Has anybody managed to pry open the IDA-X100 detachable face?

There are four screws on the back of the face, so getting the back of is a piece of cake - but the big "dual action knob" still holds everything together.

I have tried to pry off the top of the knob (the search button) with as much force as i dare, but with no luck.

I am used to solder smd components like the LED's so once i get to the circuit board it should be easy...
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