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ARC 2075SE Bridged Power Output

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I have seen 2 different spec sheets on the ARC 2075SE.
Both rate it at 100wpc into 4 Ohms, and 175 into 2.

One states 350 Watts bridged into 1 Ohm (which, to me, implies about 350 Watts bridged into 4 or 2, as well, based on outputs listed above.)

The other states 350 Watts bridged into 4 Ohms, and 300 Bridged into 2.
I can't find a review where they tested the power or measured power vs THD.

I'm wondering how much juice I can expect, bridged into a 2 Ohm load.

Basically, on a pair of BM MKIV's, 4 Ohm VC's wired in parallel for a 2 Ohm load, but subs not wired together: is there an advantage to bridging a 2075SE into each woofer, vs running a single SE2150 (300wpc at 2 Ohms) in stereo on them?
Finally, is 300 watts enough for one of these for max SQ and plenty of headroom, or should I really try to get closer to, or exceed, the 450 Watts max?

Thank you for your help and insight.
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So, nobody knows how much power a 2075se puts out bridged into a 2 ohm load?
Ah, forget it.
Between the SI website and MKIV "Price Reduction" thread, it looks like I won't want to exceed 450 Watts, and 300/ea to a pair should be more than enough.

I'm confident the 2075SE will do the job on my tweeters.

So I'll stick run with the SE2150's on the sub-bass drivers, and only think about going up to an SE2300 or KS600.2 if I , somehow, manage to find them lacking. Which I seriously doubt, since a single 10 on 300W is -nearly- enough for me as it is.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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