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1997 Honda Accord Wagon
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Product Brand
Arc Audio


Condition of all items:
I would say 9 of 10

Total Price: $550

Shipping Terms:Buyer pays S/H
(Insurance And Signature required)


Additional info:
I used this in my Kia to power my Arc Audio ARC10d2
I used this amp for about 9mo.
it is awesome but I will be re-doing my system I will be changing a few things.. Please contact me with any questions.

Audiophile sound quality based design
Designed by Robert Zeff
Class A/B switching design
Microprocessor controlled design
Microprocessor controlled Code based flashing diagnostics
Concealed adjustment controls
Open architecture adjustable crossovers on all channels HP/BP/LP/FP
12/24Db per octave selectable crossover slopes on all channels
Internal chassis force cooled speed controlled fan for optimum cooling
Hi/Low level balanced switchblade RCA inputs for maximum system integration
RJ45 Ethernet input connections for true balanced input connections
Block type terminal connections
256 color user selectable illumination circuit
Combined Bias circuit and temperature regulation circuit to regulate bias and lower THD at any point in total thermal cycle
Microprocessor high voltage power supply allows the amplifier to optimize power output at different ohm loads without the loss of efficiency or sound quality
Vdrive based preamp stage improves efficiency lower internal signal loss
Hand picked output devices used on all SE amplifiers.

2 Channels @ 40hms 150 Watts 36A
2 Channels @ 20hms 300 Watts 73A
2 Channels @ 10hms 300 Watts 94A
1 Channels @ 80hms 300 Watts 34A
1 Channels @ 40hms 600 Watts 69A
1 Channels @ 20hms 600 Watts 95A


Please be advised, all buyers and sellers are responsible for performing their own due diligence when considering any financial engagement. We recomend that you:

1) Check the iTrader feedback of the person you are dealing with on this site, as well as other car audio forums.
2) Ask for a name address and phone number. Call them and verify their info.
3) Valid e-mail address. Correspond before committing.
4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

DO NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with the other party.

DIYMobileAudio & Collova Media Inc. is not responsible for the outcome of any transaction on this site and will not moderate on your behalf.

1997 Honda Accord Wagon
1,438 Posts
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these are some of the best amps people tons of clean power bump for arc audio seems like people dont know about these!!!!!!
The best sounding amp I have owned..
I will be going to a smaller car soon.. so I need to make it all smaller..

1997 Honda Accord Wagon
1,438 Posts
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Ok looking to get a new car need a down payment so lets sweeten it up..

ARC Audio 4200SE (110x4)
ARC Audio 2150SE (150x2 300x2 or 600x1)

Get the set for less than the price of one!!!
$1000 gets you a real time winner..
help me out and score big!!
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