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Arc Audio KS300.4

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Faintly-used professionally-installed Arc Audio KS300.4. Sold new to a friend by me and uninstalled by me. Cosmetically unscathed, except for mounting feet which have light screw-head scuffs.:(

You all know what this is:)

Asking $320 shipped firm. Works 100%. No trades. Local pick up is possible as well.

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Who wants it?

$280 shipped

or it's going in the trash:(
or it's going in the trash:(
This means "firm", people. ;):laugh:
Going in the trash then.:(
if someone buys my Alpine SPX-177a Comps I'll buy this I've been wanting a few KS Arc's..

Then I would need a KS 300.2 and KS 500.1 :D
I enjoyed my 300.4 immensely. It was a shame to sell it.

Good luck with the sale.
Deleted...due to post dumping

Sorry to offend...I thought the seller threw it in the trash. I guess he was not being honest
I just picked a "b stock" ks 300.4 for $230 and a ks 300.2 for $200. Perfect condition and full factory warranty!!!
Funny how amps which have already broken once cost less than amps which have always worked. Me, I pay more for amps which have always worked - but that's just me.
Thanks for the insight....I have always wondered why new amps cost more than refurbished amps. :laugh: "b stock" does not mean that it was broken necessarily. It could be a demo that a rep took around to some dealers or a show, it could a minor scratch from production. You definately have to ask some questions when you buy b stock.

I personally don't have the budget to pay full price for the amps. By no means am I poor...I just choose to put my dollars towards other things. When I found out that I could buy the same amp with same warranty from an authorized dealer...I was all over it.

VPelectricity...Kudos to you for being able to buy brand new amps!!!! :p
Hey Murphy, you ever stop to think how ridiculously rude it is to dump on somebody's sale thread and talk about what a great deal you got somewhere else? Actually it is against forum rules. The spirit of this forum is about helping and sharing. Get with the program dude.
Hey rockridgeline....I agree with your post on dumping.

But the seller said that he threw it in the understanding is that it is no longer for sale.

How did I dump on his post if it is no longer for sale?
Nah, I sold it with the trash can. So I guess I was being honest.:)


That is great that you can't afford non-b stock amplifiers, nice to know.:cool:
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