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Time Delay and Phase
- Delay up to 10ms per channel
- Signal delay adjustable in 0.01ms increments
- Global/Relative/Individual channel band adjustment offering true global capability
- Individual 180 degree signal phase invert on all 8 output channels and on all input source channels

Signal Input/Output Mixer
- 100% Fully open architecture variable mixer panel controls
- Mixer/Router channel in/out assigments are fully variable allowing users to select any level of input signal to its out channel assigment allowing for stereo, mixed stereo, mixed mono, sum mono signal assignments and more.

31 Band Parametric
- Up to 31 bands of parametric eq per channel
- User defined frequency centers on all 31 bands of each of the 8 channels selectable from 5.00 Hz to 20.000 Hz.
- User defined "Q" on all bands of all channels from 0.1 to 24.0
- Adjustable in 1/4dB per step increments
- Each band per channel adjustable +/- 24dB

31 Band 1/3 Octave
- Traditional 1/3rd Octave EQ points from 20Hz - 16kHz
- Adjustable in 1/4dB per step increments
- Each band per channel adjustable +/- 24dB

- 4 layer Gold / refined copper core PCB
- Bluetooth expansion module allows the PS8 to accept streaming audio from compatible devices (optional)

- 8 channels out full open architecture selectable type crossovers AL/LP/HP/BP (Butterworth / Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel)
- Fully open architecture crossover slopes allow users to select any variation of slope on any filter type with abilities for different slopes on both HP and LP portions of BP configuration
- Crossover slopes include 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 30dB, 36dB, 42dB and 48 dB.
- User defined damping are allowed mixed variable on Bandpass crossovers giving users options
- Variable "Q" adjustment option on all crossover points from 0.3 - 7.0 per band per channel
- Crossover frequency selection from 5.00 Hz through 20.000 Hz. Users can define crossover points such as 6523.43 Hz if desired.

PS8 Controller (accessory)
- Full color OLED display
- Full access to all tuning features

PC Interface
- Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7
- Updates made in real time with no audible delay
- Non-Volatile memory on the PS8 means your adjustments are saved instantly to the DSP as you make them
- Key stroke control configuration allows users to use their ears instead of their eyes to tune their vehicle

From ARC open forums:

1 - Identificação embutida
Feature #1 - Embedded serial identification
As many of you know ARC Audio takes a very heavy stand against transshipping. Well here at ARC Audio we have taken our mission to keeping the product exclusive to our authorized retailers and worldwide distributors to a whole new level.
The PS8 and all of its components is incorporated with an ARC Audio proprietary electronic unit identification protocol. This means no more can unauthorized web retailers scrape serial numbers or try to hide behind the blanket of secure web sites and PO boxes.....
· Every PS8 digital sound processor comes with discrete embedded processor identification and serial numbers allowing ARC Audio Staff , end users and dealers to retrieve the units individual ARC Audio serial registration code even if they have been removed on the exterior by unauthorized sellers of web retailers or theft.
· Serial registration and identification code is embedded into the PS8's DSP microprocessor and is viewable by simply connecting the PS8's PC interface
· Integration of the PS8's registered serial ID into the operating code of the unit prevents it from being removed or altered from the PS8 assisting ARC Audio in tracking and terminating sources of unauthorized internet sales

2 - Suporte online mundial
Feature#2 - Web based technical support
With any advanced digital technologies comes a learning curve for everybody. Rather than risking unnecessary returns, hi shipping costs and frustrated dealers and customers the PS8 is incorporated with a real time online tech support operating system.
World wide web tech support
· The PS8 PC interface allows users to take technical support to a whole new meaning.
· ARC Audio and the PS8 offers web based technical support for your PS8 hardware via the internet from our main headquarters to anywhere in the world as long as you are logged into the internet. (Users use WEBX communications and session master for this function)
· WEBX is used exclusively by ARC Audio for secure and private connections with users for technical support sessions. Access to the PS8 thru WebX is limited to individual sessions only and only when approved by the end user with the session code being entered on both ends of the network connection
This new level of technical support allows ARC Audio to offer technical support to any location worldwide and directly log into the unit in question giving us the ability to diagnose, trouble shoot, assist in level set issues etc, direct feed updates and much much more.... No longer will users have to immediately box up and ship back their processors to the factory for service or repair...

3 - Audiophile Power Supply
· The PS8 uses a dedicated proprietary four stage switching power supply for the various critical digital and analog components in the PS8
· Isolated 14volt power supply used specifically for the PS8's display controller and Op Amps.
· Dedicated power supply channels for the PS8's Codec and DSP main chips...
· M.I.N.E.R. ground isolation platform (G.I.P) technology eliminates the possibility of any signal interference or induced noises between the PS8's analog and digital components drastically improving the PS8's S/N ratio while improving the transparency and overall sound quality of the signal in the PS8

4 - Real Time Fault Free USB
· A.R.U. technology designed and engineered specifically for the ARC Audio PS8 by Robert Zeff
· A.R.U. allows for faults and cable issues such as cable disconnect, damaged cables, power failure or power loss on PC, Power loss in the vehicle, critical faults in USB communications, etc without the result of a processor lockup or loss of unsaved settings requiring a full processor reset.
· A.R.U. allows users to simply reinstate the proper operating conditions after a failure or power loss and continue from the last known user defined tuning position even if it has not been saved as a preset or as a setting file on the PC
- Real time update and memory management
· PC communication while in User interface mode updates in real time allowing you to hear and save every adjustment as it is made.
· Progressive sequential USB code batching allows the user interface to communicate with the PS8 at speeds up to 10x the speed of traditional USB devices
· User setting files processed internally as data files rather than active audio files allowing the PS8 to process the user defined adjustments at a higher resolution and without the traditional loss of bandwidth in the digital domain or unwanted compression as volume and amplitude is increased based on user operation of DSP settings

5 - Interchangable Output Core Technology
· Audiophile grade ultra high resolution Texas Instruments 5532 output devices improve the PS8's overall dynamic response and sound quality levels over the competition allowing the PS8 to reset the standards of high end audio.
· Supporting the audiophile community the PS8 is equipped with 0 ohm audio grade IC dip sockets allowing the most critical audiophiles to interchange the output devices to their device of choice (Devices must stay within the operating limitations specified in the user manual and ARC Audio is not liable for any damage or side effects caused by changing the factory 5532 output devices. Damage caused by changing these devices is not covered under any part of the ARC Audio warranty program and ARC Audio will not give any recommendations for alternative IC's or confirm their operation stability in the PS8)

6 - Illumination Circuit
· User defined illumination control allows users to trigger alternate dimmer controls on the PS8's optional system controller with the vehicles parking lights are activated reducing the level of illumination on the controllers display.
· The PS8's illumination circuit input is configurable for positive +12V or negative -12V function triggers
· User interface panel allows users to select the level of display brightness to their individual needs

7 - 4 layer precision gold core PCB technology......

8 - User defined Remote turn on
User defined amplifier remote turn/turn off remote out circuit
· The PS8 uses DSP triggered remote turn on output technology to control the critical timing of your systems amplifiers on/off sequence
· User defined controls allow users to define when their amplifiers turn on and off thru the PC interface
· Remote turn on user defined settings range from .01ms - 10 seconds after the source unit is activated
· Remote turn off user defined settings range from -10seconds - .1ms before the source unit is turned off...

9 - Autosense Turn On
· The ARC Audio PS8 uses a patent pending auto sense turn-on circuit that offers a significant improvement in reliability and operation in OEM integration applications.
· The Exclusively designed auto-sense circuit prevents unwanted issues with the system unexpectedly turning off in the middle of a song. Instead of relying on the music to supply enough signal to turn on the amplifier on, ARC Audio's autosense design detects the BTL IC (Chip Amp) used in the majority of stock head units and amplifiers
· Autosense is a internally jumper definable option that requires users to switch the jumper location to activate the autosense circuit.

10 - OEM signal ground reference
The PS8 offers a hardware lead based signal ground circuit direct reference point for basic and advanced OEM system integration. Signal ground reference allows you to use any variety of source or body ground applications to eliminate vehicle system noise found is most OEM speaker level interface applications...
· Signal Ground reference gives users increased flexibility and options for noise free integration into most OEM factory systems
· The PS8 main termination plug offers installers a single wire input for signal ground reference for speaker level applications in OEM interface applications

11 - 3.5mm unbalanced signal input
· 3.5mm unbalanced input for auxiliary input sources
· Compatible with most MP3 and remote navigation devices
· Input assignable as "Navi" style input defaulting the PS8 to mute when it senses signal from this input for navigation voice commands etc.
· 3.5mm input when activated disables channels 5&6 RCA input and replaces their position on the user interface signal router panel.

12 - Digital inputs
1. Digital Coaxial and Fiber optic Inputs
· Priority assignable Digital Coaxial and Fiber Optic inputs allow users to run at the highest level of acoustical reference on today's most advanced hi end source units.
· Digital input S/N ratio exceeds 109dB and higher at main device
· (Use of the PS8's digital input circuit requires use of the PS8 control center accessory controller for volume control, Not included with main unit)
· User defined autosense protocol allows users to activate digital autosense protocol enabling the PS8 to default to the digital signal when in operation regardless of the current source.

13 - RCA Inputs and Input Stage
1. Signal Input Stage and input compatibility
· Precision .01% tolerance hand picked and matched resistors and capacitors from England and Europe flood the RCA/Speaker level input stage giving the PS8 the highest level of signal stability and precision available in the industry.
· The PS8 uses ARC Audio's proprietary switchblade balanced differential input structure allowing for a wider level of applications in a variety of vehicles worldwide
· Includes 6 channels Low Level RCA input capable of 200mV - 4.8 Volts
· RCA inputs capable of running speaker "Hi" Level input signal from most OEM sources(full range or frequency dedicated) up to 15 volts without the need of additional filtering or external source system loading
· Differential RCA/Speaker level S/N ratio 100dB
· Hi/Low level input selection made with selectable position switch on exterior of main housing

14 - Preset Trigger Leads
As we recognize the fact that not everybody will want to run a controller and will not want to have to bring out the laptop to change between presets we have created a lead trigger based solution. Simply use a multi position switch with a ground connected and switch between any of the PS8's presets.... simple and sweet...
· User definable trigger lead allows users to toggle with vehicle mounted toggle switches between presets stored on the PS8
· Preset triggers allow users to toggle mechanically without the need of the controller or PC interface between established presets stored on the PS8

15 - DC barrel jack connector
Who says car audio has to staty in the car.... we have incorporated a DC barrel jack onto the PS8 and you can simply go to radio shack, purchase a wall plug power supply (about $20.00) and now you have a home audio DSP
1. DC Barrel Jack
· The PS8 offers a built in DC barrel jack on the power terminal side of the main unit. This feature allows users to use the PS8 as a home audio DSP processor as well by simple plugging in a properly rated AC/DC power supply (Not included)

16 - User Defined Channel Names
1. User definable channel labeling naming and function assignment
· User defied channel name assignment allows users to customize the names of all input and output channels to their specific applications up to 10 characters per input and input channel
· User defined names represented on input screen, crossovers, equalizer, signal delay and output levels etc
· Users can define and assign function labeling of each output creating a open architecture balance and fader network for almost any possible system configuration
· Fader controls allow user to define individual channel function on the fader network and control these functions thru the user interface of the PS8 Control Center (Sold Separately)

17 - PC setting file storage
1. PC Based User Setting File storage
· PS8 User setting files compatible with windows data files on your PC.
· User setting files can be saved on your PC as individually name project path files allowing you to save literally thousands is not millions of different settings files for thousands vehicles and different system configurations on your PC
· User setting files limited to the size and capacity of your PC's hard drive.

18 - Presets
1. Onboard presets
· Users are able to store user settings file on up to three different presets on the PS8.
· User presets are accessible at any time thru the PC interface, PS8 Control Center (Sold Separately) or the onboard profile trigger wires (if hooked up during installation)
· Preset management controls allows users to save or copy any preset file to any other preset location
· PS8 offers three onboard presets with access to millions of stored presets on your PC

19 - Sync Controls
1. Sync
· The PS8 incorporates a multi function Sync control allowing the user to "reconfirm" and load or send setting files to the PS8 at any time.
· Sync feature allows for users to Sync from any PC to the PS8 retrieving the setting files from any PS8 to the system computer (given they are password sync'd). This function allows users, if there is a power loss to plug in and "Sync From PS8" and continue off from you last adjustment during the tuning process

20 - Password Protection
1. User defined password protection
· The PS8 has an advanced embedded password protection program incorporated into the main unit and the PC interface software.
· Users can users/installer can define their own custom password restricting access to the PS8's system setting files with the correct code.
· Shops can program their own password preventing unauthorized access into the setting files that have been established at the time of original install
· End users have the option to access and customize their systems tuning themselves after a shop has done tuning buy choosing to return to the original shop or clicking the "restore to default" button removing the password protection and sending the PS8 back to its original factory default settings.
· Password protected PS8 units may be accessed by any PC as long as the user has the custom user defined password

21 - Firmware/Software Updates
1. One step Firmware / Software update
· One touch firmware and software update system
· While the PS8 is connected to a PC and is connected thru the internet users can update and check for updates for their DSP and controller by simply pressing "Check for Firmware Updates".
· "Check For Firmware Updates" turns the users computer into a network station without ever requiring the user to locate passwords, login's etc, and connects the PS8 with ARC Audio's server for this task
· Upon accessing the server, the server verifies the PS8's current operating system and firmware as well as the controllers firmware and allows the user to use a fail safe and yet simple operation to updating the entire unit with the latest updates without the need to send it back to the factory
· Firmware and system protocol updates average about 60 seconds and do not require external power supplies and incorporate a fail safe protocol so if there is an interruption during the update process the PS8 will return to its original state without catastrophic consequences.

22 - Onboard VU Meter system
1. VU Meters
· Onboard VU meters offer users the ability to view signal levels within the PS8 and multiple points in the signal chain.
· Signal Input VU meter allows users to view the incoming signal in real time including clipping level and independent channel level of all inputs.
· independent channel metering on the input VU meter also allows users to view any independent channel signal based on full range pink noise (even if frequency limited for OEM integration applications) to balance the input levels of each channel equally for a summed full range signal input into the processors user definable tuning frequencies to all 8 channels of output.
· Mixer/Router output VU meter allows users to visualize the signal levels thru the PS8, post mixer/router, crossover, equalizer, signal delay etc helping ensure that the channel assignments are correct and there is no level of internal clipping before any of the individual DSP internal component sections before the output
· Signal Output VU meter allows users to see the signal of all individual channels as it is leaving the DSP into the PS8's output stage section allowing users to use the signal output trim panel to adjust each channel for optimum signal while avoiding signal clipping or unwanted distortion.
· Foreground control allows users to bring all VU meters to the front display screen on you PC when you have multiple layers open simultaneously

23 - Channel Muting
1. Full Time System Muting control
· The PS8 offers users full time independent and full system muting from any interface panel of the PS8's software utility without having to change screens or functions to access this panel
· Individual channel muting is available thru the systems PC interface
· Full system muting is available thru the PC interface and thru the PS8 Control Center (Not Included)

24 - Multi Tiered User Interface Modes
1. Multi Tiered User level interface
· The PS8 offers four different levels of user interface offering a wide variety of tuning tools from basic to even the most highly advanced tools available to the 12 volt, home and pro audio markets
· User modes include Standard Mode, OEM Mode, Intermediate Mode, and Expert Mode
· Users cannot toggle with one setting file between the different user modes
· Changing user modes will require users to start over on the tuning and calibration of the DSP as the profiles of each mode differ drastically and are not compatible with each other. Its like having 4 processors in one
· (Special Note: Expert mode is only accessible after accepting the electronic release of liability disclaimer and acceptance of the risks of using the power and features available in feature mode that is incorporated into the software graphic user interface (Disclaimer pops up upon entering the expert mode and will not unlock the Expert user mode until the agreement is accepted). Expert mode is for highly advanced and experienced users and is not supported by ARC Audio technical support on tuning advice, how to tune with a specific feature over another feature, etc, etc)

25 - DSP chipset specifications
PS8 DSP Chip Specifications-
High-performance audio optimized 32-bit DSP
300,000,000 MAC/S (multiply accumulates per second)
Dual MAC cycles per clock
Dual 72-bit accumulators are the most accurate in the industry
24k x 32 SRAM, 2k blocks - assignable to data or program
Internal ROM contains a variety of configurable sound enhancement feature sets
8-channel internal DMA
Internal watch-dog DSP lock-up prevention
Maximum 32-bit @ 192 kHz
Supports 32-bit audio sample I/O between DSP chips
192 kHz SPDIF transmitter
Multi-channel DSD direct stream digital SACD input
Supports Two Different Input Fs Sample Rates
Dual processing path capability
Hardware assist time sampling for sample rate conversion
Integrated Clock Manager/PLL
Can operate from external crystal, external oscillator
Input Fs Auto Detection
Host & Boot via Serial Interface
Configurable GPIOs and External Interrupt Input
1.8V Core and a 3.3V I/O that is tolerant to 5V input
Codec / Digital to Analog Converter 32 bit operation capable of 192 kilohertz
S/N Ratio Analog input 100dB
S/N Ratio Digital input 109dB
S/N Ratio Device Level 116dB
Dedicated Dual 72 Bit Algorithm volume control processors
170mhz primary processing on the main processor
48bit internal audio sequence processing
Sequential code processing vs. Rom for audio libraries and user settings for 100x processing speed over other processors


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Basically a Rane on steroids. I am curious about three things though... more information on the GPIO capabilities, the digital I/O and volume control subsection, and the phase adjustability. Those things could push me past the Rane and into the PS8. The EQ section looks superior but it does appear to lack dynamics processing and level-controlled equalization. Seems to be a well thought out unit, though.


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There's no phase delay adjustability. If that's what you're asking. I know it's not listed and it wasn't left out by accident... It's just not there. I disagree with why it's not needed but whatever.

I'm curious on the size of this thing, too. Didn't see it mentioned. Did I miss something?

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I have not seen it mentioned (size). 180 degree phase at the inputs and outputs is there, but not by-degree adjustability, apparently. Bummer.

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From what i know.its parametric or graphic.cant use both at same time

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I have not seen it mentioned (size). 180 degree phase at the inputs and outputs is there, but not by-degree adjustability, apparently. Bummer.
That's exactly what Fred told me when I asked him if they were going to allow it.
He did say they will always be able to adjust things based on user feedback so maybe it can be added in if enough desire.

FWIW, no shelving filters either. Not a deal breaker but would've been cool.

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From what i know.its parametric or graphic.cant use both at same time
With a parametric like this, why bother with graphic?

31 Band Parametric
- Up to 31 bands of parametric eq per channel
- User defined frequency centers on all 31 bands of each of the 8 channels selectable from 5.00 Hz to 20.000 Hz.
- User defined "Q" on all bands of all channels from 0.1 to 24.0
- Adjustable in 1/4dB per step increments
- Each band per channel adjustable +/- 24dB

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Based on pics it looks about size of cdsp.connections on both sides of units

as far as using graphic and parametric together...there are some instances where using parametric to make a broad freq reponse adjustment is nice and then come back in and use graphic to make a smaller adjustment without affecting the neighboring bands. Some of the pro pieces like dbx can do it.and i think the rane as well

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Controller looks like bitone...thats a turn off for me
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