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As New Usher Dome Mids, Aurum Cantus G2Si's, Dayton Ref 8's

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Usher Domes come without the back plastic piece that was removed due to the resonance/vibration heard when in use. I just threw them away since I didn't think I'd ever sell the driver and it sounds best in its own seperate enclosure anyhow. Basically newish condition. Selling for $100 plus shipping. These sound phenomenal and I wouldn't hesitate to put them up to just about anything out there. I've got the Seas Excel craving again and will use the W15 instead. Domes will ship in original packaging.

Aurum Cantus G2Si ribbons in as new condition as well. These sound amazing with incredible dispersion characteristics. They come in the boxes. Selling for $130 the pair plus shipping.

Dayton Reference 8's in excellent condition. Selling each for $35 plus shipping and they all have their boxes as well. This 8" did BETTER than the Seas EXCEL Mag coned W21 in tests and will produce some mean midbass as well as play up to a tweeter at a cross of 1.5khz for a very nice two way system.
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Update FIRM pricing:

Aurums for $100 plus shipping
Ushers for $90 plus shipping
Daytons=All 4 for $120 plus shipping

Could you send pics of the ribbons to [email protected] please?
Aurum's have been pwnt.
Aurums sold, Ushers and Daytons still available. Added is a Peerless XLS12, used, but working good. Looks fine too with some dust around dustcap.
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