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I have realized that I would much rather get some of my money (incl. time) back when I have a perfectly good working amplifier powering my loudspeakers now :)

LM3886 stereo kit: DIY Chip Amplifier Kits, PCB's, Components and Information.

This is a budget setup. Everything was purchased for convenience or price (either at radioshack or mouser among others). Pretty much everything but fuses and a way to secure the earth is included in this kit.

What you see in addition to the assembled LM3886 kit:

(1) 12" x 7" x 3" aluminum basic enclosure, drilled holes for power cable and POT on center of 7x3 inch faces.
(1) 12" x 7" bottom plate with four holes
(4) Rubber feet, mounted to the plate
(1) Avel 250VA transformer. Dual primaries, dual 25v secondaries
(1) Alps stereo potentiometer (log taper I believe) model 100kax2
(2) Knurled knobs, radioshack brand
(1) SPST switch
(4) chassis RCA jacks, two red two white
(50) feet 24AWG wire, half black, half red
(1) 9 foot mains cable, 14 AWG
(1) Fuseholder
(3) Sets PCB mounds (4 mounts, 8 screws each)
(2) pair binding posts
(1) compression lug for earth ground
(2) heatsinks 2.25 square, 8 fins, 7/8 inch tall

Don't remember how much I spend in all, but I do believe it was over $150 US

Would like to get $125US +shipping OBO

Search LM3886 by national semi-conductor for more specifications. The transformer is adequate to power both 4 ohm and 8 ohm loads efficiently.
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