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i have leo (300Z) to thank for my latest fixation of considering some large format tweeters (those with 110mm flange) to drop into the stock locations in my dash. leo's dayton RS tweets fit so well in his corrado that I am considering something similar in my jetta. the only problem i foresee is that the dash locations in his car seemed much more symmetrical than mine, which definitely are nowhere close to evenly placed.

here are some pics:

driver's side

passenger's side

as you can see, the passenger side is located forward around 4" center to center compared to the driver side. perhaps more problematic, the driver side tweet sits relatively parallel to the ground, while the passenger side is tilted forward, maybe 10 degrees or less. what sort of problems am I likely to face if I drop some drivers in without any modifications to the dash? how easy might they be to address using TA/EQ? currently, the only processing I am using are internal crossovers in ESX amps. eventually (soon, hopefully), I'll have a dcx2496 installed for additional tuning ability.

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