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At the great risk of someone snaking them from me, please help me with Zapco on eBay

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First, PLEASE, PLEASE do not snag these before I get a chance to!

They look awesome, but I want your opinion first. Price-wise, they seem very reasonable and they look in decent shape.

Here goes:
zapco reference 1000 (1400 watt) & 2 reference 150(220) - eBay (item 330319097448 end time Apr-08-09 15:40:19 PDT)

Who knows about these babies? Should I get them?
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Jump on that! He also says he has more of the same sizes. That makes me wonder, though.
There was a buy it now and it was pretty low if I recall correctly

I am sure it will go above his posted buy it now price, so I recommend you email him and ask him if he will still sell it for that.

Great amps! Get them
Not sure what the hell that is but OK.

Yeah, the guy had it at BIN for $500. In fact, while I was typing to you guys to create the thread, someone bid on it at the starting price and knocked out the BIN.

So sad...maybe he'll end it early if I ask him to let me buy them at the BIN price.
Umm...I don't think so :(

If you have the dough at the end of 6 days you'll get all 3 amps.

buy some of his other ones after you see how this sale pans out in a couple of weeks ;)
same thing happened to me a couple days ago. seller put back the BIN and I bought it.

good luck. also remember to use the live cashback
help me out with live cashback, I tried to use it but nothing I want comes up.
If you are on ebay there should be a cashback sign ?
if you are looking for some of those SR20 (Carlos) had some he was selling, super clean and great guy to deal with and hang out with
Well about three hours after I pulled the trigger on a set of RSd PG's, the gentleman selling these emailed me back and said the BIN is back, and he has 3 more 1400s, 4 more 220s, and 2 350s not listed.

IMO, someone should snag these up. I WAS going to, but the RSd's came out pretty good.

A 1200.1 and a 500.4 for $438 shipped.

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