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For test setup, procedures, and information on how the data was obtained see sticky here:
Do not ask setup questions in this thread. This thread is only for driver discussion.

To understand how to read the data, try here:

Driver Tested:
Audible Physics XR6.5M:

Impedance and T/S Parameters:

Frequency Response at 0 degrees, 3dB scale:

Frequency Response at 0, 15, 30, and 60 degrees, 5dB scale:

Harmonic Distortion at 95dB:

*** Special Note:
When testing this speaker I found that the distortion at 95dB was, indeed, legitimate. I tested at a few various levels and as you can see below, there is still an odd phenomena occurring at ~ 6-8khz. This seems to correlate with the primary frequency. The sound card gain inputs did not clip but came extremely close, which is what prompted me to test at a lower level (below).

I can, however, verify this occurred in multiple tests. What you see is exactly what I got with a voltage output required to drive the driver to 95dB, which was calculated from my measurement (and which almost exactly matches the mfg spec @ 1w/1m).
I'd hazard a guess that the 3rd order harmonic phenomena is tied directly to the frequency response in this region. As I sat in the room during one of the tests to make sure nothing was going on with the test setup to cause the occurrence, I found that the response in this region is very audibly high.

As backup, here's the limited bandwidth distortion at 90dB.
Limited Bandwidth Harmonic Distortion at 90dB:
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