Time to clean out the audio room. A tree fell in my house and the deductible ate a large chunk of my funds to finish my Jetta so I'm getting rid of everything that I'm not using or don't plan to use in the near future.

Here's the list of prices SHIPPED to the lower 48 unless otherwise stated:

MMats D2100.2 - $125
Coustic Power Logic Amp 268 - $75
Autotek MM 1400.4 - $25
Kicker CVR 12 prefab - $125 without enclosure, $150+half shipping with.
MB Quart QM 218.61Q - $350
TC Sounds beehive motors - $600+half shipping
Kenwood Kmm-x704 - $175
Hertz MIDRANGE crossovers - $200

Up first is a blown Mmats D2100.2. Had it running a pair of JBL W15 GTI's at 1.5ohm way back and one day while listening at really low volume it just went into protection.

"Rated" at 1800w at 2 ohm. Decent cosmetic condition, I was quoted $125 to have it refreshed and repaired by Mmats. Super efficient great sounding amp here.

Next up is a Coustic Power Logic Amp 268.

Dont know much about this amp, picked it up back in 2008ish to run my front stage and it sounded great. Rated 45x4 at 4 ohms. Pretty basic crossovers, old school amp. Will be tested to be in working order.

budget 4ch amp here, Autotek "Mean machine" 1400.4

Not really much to say, probably good for 40w a channel, runs pretty warm. Would make a decent amp for a newbie looking for a cheap amp for some passive comps. Ran it for a few days awhile back and then gave it to my step dad to use in his work truck. He recently gave it back. I need to test it and make sure it's all working, but he said it was working fine.

Kicker CVR 12 Silver cone 2007 model

Yep, it's a Kicker. Got this as one of my first proper subs. It's in the Kicker pre-fab enclosure, but I can sell it separately if anyone is interested. D4 coil if I'm not mistaken. Works great.

This gentleman is a set of MB Quart QM 218.61Q Comps. Neo motor mids, metal dome tweeters, Bi-Ampable crossovers with adjustable tweeter attenuation. Absolutely fantastic sounding speakers.

The crossovers for this set are currently going for 80 bux on eBay. I haven't seen a full component set for sale in quite awhile,but I did see a set of the "add a woofer" kit with second crossover set and 2 midbass for sale last year for a whopping 600 American pesos.

As fas as I know, this set is the predecessor to the (in)famous QSD series from the 90's. They will be shipped in a Hertz Mille Legend box with foam and all.

TC Sounds beehive motors, nuf said. I've got specs for the OEM coil used on the Pro 5100. A few people have coils that will fit, or precision can wind you a pair for about $130 if you want to get fancy.

Kenwood KMM-x704. Multimedia headunit with Bluetooth and mic. Will also include a 6ch set of knukonceptz RCA's for free.

Hertz MLCX 2 TM.3 Midrange crossovers. These come with the ML 700.3 and 280.3 set. Has quite a bit of adjustment available. Crossover frequency is 4000hz if I'm not mistaken. Great option to run a semi-active setup with raw drivers. Pair these with a set of midrange and tweeters, and power a set of midbass and you have a solid 3-way front stage.