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Sup Everyone,

I own a 06 Accord Ex-L with Navigation. I'm having problems with my audio system which consist of the following;

*Factory Radio Navigation Head Unit
*USA*Spec PA15-HON2 (Ipod adapter)
*Audio Control LC7 (Audio Line Output Converter)
*Alphasonik PMZ12005A (5-Channel Amp)
*Polk Audio Speakers (Tweets, Quarters and 6x9's)
*Kicker Solo Baric 12" (ported) Subwoofer

I've had this system set up for nearly three years. However, yesterday i noticed some static coming off my left speaker, while trying to diagnose the problem i accidently allowed the "remote in" and the "+12 volt" wires on the LC7 to make contact. Since then the LC7 has been unable to power on. Hence, I get no audio sound. I checked the radio fuse thinking perhaps it may have blown but the fuse is good. Additionally, the radio is able to power on/off, change stations etc but there is no sound.

I dont believe the LC7 has a fuse so i am uncertain if the issue is with the radio, amp, or LC7. Can anyone offer some assistance with this? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
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