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audio control Overdrive line pioneer DVD/CD-R Burner..PG multi fuse bloc

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I got a few things I dont need so out with them...

1. AudioControl Overdrive 2 channel line driver..$40 shipped

2. New Pioneer DVR-115D dvd burner..highly rated..I got too many....$40 shipped

3. Lightning Audio 1/0 gauge fuse holder...$20 shipped??

4. Phoenix Gold ZPA style black with gold dual fuse holder...1 in / 2 out...8 guage...$25 shipped

5. Eclipse IPOD adapter...I dont need it .....$50 shipped??

I also have a nice Eclipse cd7000 I can make a deal with along with the ipod adapter....(($300 shipped for both)...
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bump..feel free to make offers ...all items in hand...
i will need to check....or you can ask DCMICKI who is selling the alpine 9855...I got it from him few months back...pretty sure its 8gauge..
$275 for the eclipse set up.....or trade for Alpinde dva-7996

I also have a nice little US AMPS USA-50 I need to test...for $65 shipped
sell both fuse holders for $30 together ....the PG one is a Zero Point piece

make offers if you want...

ready to move some stuff....
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Friday bump
Offers and combos welcome
Audiocontrol $35 shipped

Pioneer dvd/cd-r burner ( 1 new 115 & 1 used 112...) $40 shipped...I am throwing in my old one that works fine so then you can burn on the fly disk to disk....

fuse holders $30 for the both shipped

US AMPS USA50 $60 shipped
audiocontrol line driver sold
US Amps USA50 works fine ...tested it today....sounds great for such a little amp

$25 for all the fuse stuff...

$35 for both dvd burners as a set....
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here is a illustration of what the PG fuse block actually is as some of you may not actually know....
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Only thing left is the fuse blocks
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