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audio control Overdrive line pioneer DVD/CD-R Burner..PG multi fuse bloc

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I got a few things I dont need so out with them...

1. AudioControl Overdrive 2 channel line driver..$40 shipped

2. New Pioneer DVR-115D dvd burner..highly rated..I got too many....$40 shipped

3. Lightning Audio 1/0 gauge fuse holder...$20 shipped??

4. Phoenix Gold ZPA style black with gold dual fuse holder...1 in / 2 out...8 guage...$25 shipped

5. Eclipse IPOD adapter...I dont need it .....$50 shipped??

I also have a nice Eclipse cd7000 I can make a deal with along with the ipod adapter....(($300 shipped for both)...
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is that fused distro only two 8g out?
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