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I am interested in performing the following tests on my BMW pre and -post upgrade. WHile I think an AP can do them all, I haven't read up on an AP in a long time, so if I am wrong about any of these, please advise.

1) Source unit distortion. The OE HU has an AUX in and a flat, full-range balanced output. I'd like to test the system with a signal generator on the HU input, and a distortion tester on the preamp output. My Acoustilyzer is supposed to let me do that with my Minirator but I have never tried to figure it out... and I think the AP can test jitter?

2) Woofer performance in an in-car enclosure. The E90 3-series has flat enclosures with B-pillar vents. I want to test the woofer in and out of the enclosure and determine the characteristics of both. I would also like to perform a similar test in the enclosure with a few drivers which fit, so that I can decide on the best one.

If there is anyone in Portland interested in this project, please drop me a PM, thanks!
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