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Can't find anything online to help me fix my audiocontrol Lc-4.800 amplifier . For some reason channels 1 and 2 work perfectly but channels 3 and 4 will not work . I have tried switching the front rca that are working on ch. 1 and 2 to ch. 3 and 4 but it still produces no sound. I also switched the speaker outputs as well I also tried switching the sum and separate switch but nothing has worked everything is working properly for half the amp just no power for other side the green light is off as well on the amp for channel 3 And 4 . Only thing I can think of is maybe one of the 2 40a fuses blew causing only channels 1 and 2 to work on the 4 channel amp. Had anyone had this happen before or have any advise on what I should do thanks!
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