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I have a pair of frog gb 10" subs. 1 has a small repair. It was a tiny hole and rubber cement was used to repair it.

I'm asking $450 shipped for both.

Seprate would be $275 shipped for the non damaged one and $175 shipped for the one with the small repair.

These have not been beat on. I did not like the way they sound when turned up so amp gains were set to limit them to 116db. These are not super loud subs. They are good sounding subs that seem to be sq oriented. They flutter at high excursion which is the main reason I kept them turned down so much. If they weren't 3 foot away from my head I likely would not hear the flutter but i could. They are not able to keep up with my current front stage so they must go.

I accept usps money order, zelle or direct deposit. Local pickup would save you $50 in shipping. It would also hibe the ability to hear them for yourself.


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