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These tweeters a 1 month old and have lived their entire life in these pods.

I have since purchased the gb 25 mids and no longer need large format tweeters.

I'm sure everyone here knows how good these tweeters are and I dont need to sell you on the sound quality.

They will ship with the original box and ALL installation pieces. I have not even opened the parts that come in the box due to using pods.
The tweeters are literally in brand new cosmetic condition and functionality.

If you dont want the pods the price is $325 shipped and insured. That's a very good deal since AF had a price increase October 1st.

I would consider trades for beryllium tweeters. The original focal Be's would be nice but I'm not willing to add cash so I'm sure that's a long shot.

I would also consider a set of minty fresh gb 10s plus $100 cash for trade.

I do NOT deal with PayPal. Its usps money order , zelle or direct deposit only. Sorry. Paypals anti firearm politics are something I do not agree with.

I have sold 2 mosconi Amps and a set of focal tbe beryllium tweets here in the last year using my payment methods and the sales went flawless. Look them up if you must. I'm old and have no time to play games over a few hundred dollars.


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