All items are new, never seen power. I have additional pics if necessary, but everything is still boxed and wrapped as it was when I received them direct from AF. No, I’m not using anything else in place of these speakers. They are phenomenal speakers. I just no longer have the vehicle I intended to use them for.

I have the following:

GB10OE (pair) - $325
GB10OE (single) - $150
GB25 (pair) - $425 (SOLD)
GB25 (single) - $200
GB40 (single) - $200
GB60 (pair) 2 sets available - $750 per set
GB10D4 x2 no I will not open the box on these. They're still in the box that they were shipped to me, unopened. $450 each

All prices except subwoofers are shipped in the lower 48. If you want the woofers, we can discuss shipping prices and see how to work it into the price.

All prices are OBO.
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