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Just want to get these up and for sale as quick as possible. I will get pictures posted soon, everything is still in amp rack and needs to be disassembled. Selling becasue I just bought a new RAM truck and my audio setup is going to need to be different. Please buy my stuff so I can start my next build! Oh and thanks for looking

2 Audiofrog GB12D2 subwoofers (best subwoofer I have ever used period) Condition 10/10 - $400 each. I would prefer to sell as a pair for $800 as they are 2ohm load in parallel. If no one bites on both in the next week ill split em up. - SOLD!

2 Mosconi AS100.4 The covers for the amp controls have some broken tabs, i put them in a box in the back of my car when moving and they got dinged up, they adhere fine with some double stick tape, other than that they are in great condition with no scratches. Amps are silver - $350 ea. Edit: SOLD!

1 Mosconi Zero 3 Amplifier- Amp is in great condition 9/10 - $650

Set of Audio Development W800 NEO shallow mount 8" drivers. 10/10 condition - SOLD

Buyer will pay shipping from 97113.
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