This is one used Audiofrog GB60. Its twin brother blew out on me and I've decided to try some TM65's instead of replacing it. There's a little surface rust on a few of the hex screws and in the chrome on the magnet, but otherwise working condition. No mounting hardware or grills. Price reduced. $ 245 225 215 shipped FedEx Ground.

EDIT: If you're looking for a pair, Audiofrog was gracious enough to offer me a discounted replacement for the blown driver, even out of warranty, but I wasn't going to take them up on their offer since I was going with a different set of drivers. I can buy the replacement and have a full set; one brand new one and one used. If that's what you're interested in, PM me and we'll work out a price. However, if someone wants the singleton first, I'm letting it go alone.