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Good afternoon, Decisions, Decisions!!! There is much debate out there about weather a high end 6x9 will perform as good are better then at high end 6.5" midbass in a factory door location?
My truck doors are sound deaden and PE Foam sheets. I currently are running my AFGS690 in my Active 3 way front with my AFGB25 and GB10 but I also own a set of Morel Hybrid MW6 midbass.
I have ran them both and they both sound good but I give a slight edge to the AF which could be because they are more efficient but only 1db and I love my bass. When I RTA them both they measure very similar.
I ran them from 70 to 300 with 24db LR crossovers powered with 210w from a Mosconi Zero 4. I replaced the Morels with the AF690 late last fall after reading all the great reviews but have only ran them in the winter months so cooling wasn't a issue when i play them hard. At the time I wasn't ready to shell out $1300 in Canada for the GB60 which I understand are amazing.and since have been looking for any comparison between the AF GB60 and the Morel MW6 but have found nothing. Is anyone aware or has had the pleasure of a comparison?
The AF are rated at 100W with a 1" Voice Coil and a higher QTS and FS vs the Morel that have a 140W power handling with a 2.1" voice coil.
As it warms up here in Canada I am concerned that I am powering the 690 with double their recommended power. As I like it loud and clean am I better to switch back to the Morels or will the AF 690 handle the power?
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