I bought this sub from a fellow car audio guy on here but when i started trying to fit this sub in my car i just cant get it to fit.... so without even trying the sub iam just gonna flip it... The only subs that will fit are the jl audio 10tw1 or the kicker..... product will be shipped professionally wrapped so it will arrive in as sent shape....Here are some media hype about the sub... Thank you Garry This sub is built around a familiar looking rugged cast aluminum alloy basket assembly, the Elite 2210 is a fairly shallow woofer compared to others in this price and power handling range, with a mounting depth requirement of only 5.8 inches. This is a very deliberate feature, because the woofer also uses a special machined aluminum plate between the top plate of the motor and the basket. This feature is called I-CAR, which stands for Intercooled Conduction Aluminum Radiator. The real advantage is that it allows the motor assembly to be a solid unit rather than the typical vented designs used by almost every other manufacturer in the category. With no vented back plate coming out the back of the motor, the design allows the woofer motor to be in very close proximity to the enclosures back wall, which further reduces the required mounting depth.
The 70 ounce motor is comprised of a pair of high quality stacked ceramic ferrite magnets, and provides the magnetic energy to drive the 2 inch diameter voice coil. To provide the long throw excursion the voice coil is 1.3 inches in length. In the interests of sound quality it’s important to keep the moving mass as light as possible, so the multi-layer coil is wound using premium quality copper clad aluminum on a lightweight and vented Kapton former.
To keep the voice coil centered in the magnetic gap, an 8 inch composite Nomex and cotton linear-type spider is riveted to a special mounting ring that is fastened to the basket.
The cone of the Elite 2210 has also received some attention to make it as light and stiff as possible. The actual cone that attaches to the former is made of a material Audiomobile refers to as CLS, or Composite Laminated Sandwich. No less than six layers of synthetic fiber, Kevlar, and natural fibers are pressed into a rigid parabolic shape, and then a one piece dustcap is glued on top to increase overall strength and stiffness. The outer diameter of the cone is attached to the basket via a nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) surround. The woofer comes with an integrated frame gasket that can also accommodate an optional grille to protect the speakers moving parts from damage.