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Dear Friends,

I am new the car hifi but myself i learned alot after i started it. I know there was a mod for bit one for op amps to have better sound quality and i wonder if there is anything available for bit one hd? Any kind either? Because audison used the modified bit one op amps in the bit one hd so i thought there should be already a better version available?

I also have 3 pcs thesis quatro and one uno amp in my car, i also heard there are some mods available for them too but i dont know exactly what?

Can anyone give me some most updated details about those mods please?

I have 2 bit one hd in my car and both will be fir mode but i have 14 channels to run so they should be connected together. I know it should be over CNK connection. Is there anybody here who experienced this to have double bit one hd in one car? I already asked this to audison headquarter but i still could not get any answer from them yet.

If i can get answers for my problems i will be perfectly happy.
Thank you very much in advance for your time and support...

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