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Hello Friends,

Been a while since I posted here. I've been busy but I decided to pick up my old hobby again. I was hooked up with some excellent stuff.

Got myself an Audison Bit One DSP for just $100, and some other stuff. Rockford T1500bcp for just $200.

Now, I've got some kind of Android head unit, and I've noticed output voltages (RCA) are EXTREMELY low, down to 0.25 volts RMS. Which is basically, nothing...
Standard radio's always go above 2, there's even 5 or higher volt units.

This is a problem, as my gains need to be way up to produce some real power and even then, that's not too good on my amps.

I was wondering, if I hook up my Bit One, will the output voltage be higher after the bit? So basically I'm wondering if the 0,25 volts I input will be multiplied.

In the spec sheets it says it puts out 4 volts RMS max, but I can't imagine the Bit being able to process the 0,25 volts and make 4 volts out of it...

Any ideas? Or y'all suggest me to just go back to a good old 5 volt head unit instead of a fancy Android double din.

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