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Okay, my buddy is doing a raffle on the forums (under the audio section) $10/ticket...limit 2 tickets.

The last 3 winners had the choice of either a Crystal Mobile SSCS or DLS R6A. Both are 6.5" comp sets. But we are trying to convince him to do the raffle for either a single or a pair of Crystal Mobile CMP8 subs. Basically, the raffle needs 16 people to get going. He only wants to cover his costs on these ($160). He is not making a real profit (something like only $15), but just wants people to get a chance to use some equipment thats not mainstream or that can found on every corner audio shop. Anywho, anyone interested PM me and I will get you the information on when and where to send the Paypal information. I will be updating this thread as I learn more information. So far we have 6 tickets sold. Thanks

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