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DS-21 said:
Most of the people who run "SQ competitions" are haltingly familiar at best with real (i.e. llve andf unamped) music, so winning them has no relevance to me. Besides, regardless of how it works on paper, in the real world how many points goes for sound and how many for politics (running sponsors' gear, doing stuff that installers all over can do and say "this is just like the winning SQ cars", and so on.), gaudy installs, Stupid Alarm Tricks, and so on? Car audio competitions are about two things: allowing talented installers an outlet for their creativity, and selling more car stereo gear. Note that "the music" isn't one of those two things.
You should really take sometime to listen to the vehicles from the competitors that indeed hold same interests you do. Check out their techniques & simple tricks learned along the way from working with different vehicles.

It is so damn obvious that you do not have enough seat time in the real competitors vehicle that quite frankly you come out sounding like a complete ass... I'm sorry but it's the truth...

I have made tons of friends along the way in SQ comps, the bulk of us are not sponsored nor do we pride ourselves with tons of EYE candy or stupid alarm tricks. Our creativity only extends as far as meeting the challenges of meeting safety requirements & maintaining a comfortable everyday ride...

About the only thing you managed to dig out of your rear end worth .02 is the problem about the politics involved & that in case you haven't noticed (from your lack of attendance) is ruining the competition circuit.

Kindly remove your head out of your rear man... it is all about the music... who the hell are you to tell us what it is we are all about?
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