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Pretty smooth, looks like cone breakup at 5khz.

Decay 800hz.

Decay 1200hz.

Decay 1600hz

Decay 2000hz.

Decay 3000hz.

Decay 5000hz.

Distortion 50hz.

Distortion 60hz.

Distortion 80hz.

Distortion 200hz.

Distortion 800hz.

Distortion 2000hz.

Distortion 3000hz.

Distortion 4000hz.

Pretty good bl curve and efficiency. The suspension throw is quite high, in fact the highest I've seen for a 7" driver. Look at the Klippel KMS curves... at 15mm p-p throw the suspension is barely stressed. Unfortunately the voice coil clearly leaves the gap quite noticeably at high outputs. In any case the bass performance is quite good with respect to total output.

Read the sticky in this forum on how to interpret the data, and do a comparison to the other drivers here. The AC is not a bad unit, but neither does it really stand out in any way. I liked the bass output and efficiency, but not the higher 3rd order distortion at 3khz and up.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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